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 Research and Administration Compliance Program


Established in 2004, the Research Administrative Compliance Program (RACP) provides guidance to DLCs relative to research compliance issues and financial controls, and monitors financial and compliance activities within DLCs (link to C1).  The program includes a number of outreach training services and a site visit program aimed primarily, but not exclusively, toward DLCs with high research volume.  In addition, the RACP performs Institute-wide monitoring tests focused on specific financial and administrative research compliance activities.  The RACP team works closely with VPF and OSP in resolving compliance issues identified as a result of RACP work and acts as a vehicle for communicating new administrative policies and practices to DLCs during site visits.  For further information on the RACP, please use the following links:

Site Visits
Institute-Wide Testing
Road Show and Other Outreach Services
Common Regulatory Links