Our Services

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We deliver audit and advisory services to provide confidence that MIT is:

  • Following processes that are compliant with policies, laws, regulations, and contracts.
  • Keeping assets safe.
  • Presenting information that is accurate and reliable.
  • Managing resources efficiently and economically.
  • Adhering to ethical practices.

Our services evaluate risks and controls across five categories: safety, operational, behavioral, financial, and compliance. MIT’s reputation is a consequence of each of these risks.

Audit services

Our audit services include process audits and site visits. We look at academic, research, and administrative processes to determine if these processes are working effectively to control risk.
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Advisory services

Our advisory services assist MIT’s administrative leadership in developing new or improved processes. Our advice is based on recognized standards, best practices, and our experience across the Institute.
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Reporting hotline

MIT has an anonymous hotline for reporting possible wrongdoings and actions that may be contrary to Institute policy. The Institute Auditor is part of the team that reviews reports received through the hotline, which is managed by the Office of Risk Management and Compliance Services. For questions, email compliance@mit.edu or Kate Miller, Institute Compliance Officer.
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Not our services

We deliver audit and advisory services, but we don’t:

  • Develop MIT’s policies — that’s the role of administrative leadership on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory.
  • Implement the recommendations we make — that’s also the role of administrative leadership on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory.
  • Perform Institute-wide financial statement audits — that’s the role of external audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Define the Institute’s risk factors or put processes and controls in place — that’s the role of Risk Management and Compliance Services as well as administrative leadership on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory. 
  • Report to federal agencies to assure effective oversight of public funds — that’s the role of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Offices of the Inspector General, and other entities.

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