About Us

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Innovation is an inherently risky endeavor. The Audit Division supports MIT’s efforts to take informed risks so that the Institute can bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges.

Mission statement

The Audit Division analyzes and assesses governance, risk management and control activities to support the Institute in achievement of its mission. As trusted advisors, we provide senior leadership, Institute management and the MIT Corporation Risk and Audit Committee reliable insight and meaningful recommendations to enhance decision making.

Who we are

The Audit Division is an internal group that evaluates the processes that control the risks facing MIT. We provide objective evaluations to the MIT Corporation Risk and Audit Committee as well as senior managers on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory. 
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What we do

We work with administrative leadership on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory to evaluate their academic, research, and administrative processes and identify opportunities for improvement.
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Our team

The Audit Division team has proven expertise — including 20 professional certifications, more than 25 undergraduate and advanced degrees in diverse fields of study, and a combined 300 years of experience. 
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Quality assurance

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the internal audit industry and enhance our work through an ongoing quality assurance program. 
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