What to Expect

When you know what to expect, it’s easier to plan. Here are answers to frequently asked questions, a guide to the audit steps we follow, and a look at the benefits of an audit.

Why was I selected?

We audit processes, not people. Each year, we choose which processes to audit by evaluating input from management, risks to MIT, emerging challenges within higher education, and other external forces. 
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What are audit ratings?

At the end of every audit, we issue an audit report. The report contains our unbiased assessment of the effectiveness of your unit’s processes. This includes an audit rating.
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How do audits work?

Audits are a collaboration between the Audit Division and your unit. An audit engagement has four phases: planning, fieldwork, results, and follow-up.
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How can I prepare?

You can begin by gathering information that provides a comprehensive overview of the process under audit. 
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What are the benefits?

An audit can help your unit work more effectively and efficiently — and with peace of mind.
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