How can I prepare

You work hard and have a full plate, so we’ve designed our work processes to be as easy to manage as possible. The information below will help you plan and prepare for an audit.

What information should I gather?

For every audit, we’ll need information that provides a comprehensive overview of the process we’re auditing. You can get a head start by compiling information that covers these topics: 

  • Core objectives and mission statement
  • Organizational chart
  • Policies, procedures, and process flow
  • New initiatives and key priorities
  • Supporting systems and applications with flowcharts
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Internal partners
  • Areas that you consider to be a risk or concern

How long will the audit take?

We do our best to coordinate with your unit to minimize disruption. The duration of an audit varies with each project. On average, process audits take two to three months, and site visits take one month. 

Although the audit spans weeks or months, your involvement may not be required on a daily basis, depending on the phase of the audit. We’ll discuss the scope and expected timeframe with you during the audit kickoff meeting so that you can plan accordingly.
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