Why was I selected

We audit processes, not people. Each year, we choose which processes to audit by evaluating several factors:

  • Input from administrative leadership: We consult with administrative leadership on campus and at Lincoln Laboratory as well as with senior Institute management.
  • Risks to MIT: We look at the top safety, operational, behavior, financial, and compliance risks that MIT faces. Reputation is a consequence of each of these risks.
  • Emerging challenges within higher education: We continually monitor developments within higher education and consider information and insight from colleagues at other higher education internal audit organizations.
  • External forces: We review federal, state, and local regulations that could affect the processes we employ at MIT.

Once our evaluation is complete, we present an audit plan that prescribes audit coverage across campus and Lincoln Laboratory to the MIT Corporation Risk and Audit Committee and administrative leadership. The audit plan is approved by the MIT Corporation Risk and Audit Committee.