Advisory Services

Our advisory services assist MIT’s administrative leadership developing new or improved processes. Our advice is based on recognized standards, best practices, and our experience across the Institute.

What happens?

During an advisory engagement, we:

  • Respond to a management request for assistance in creating a new process or refining an existing process.
  • Apply our expertise in process evaluations, risk and control assessments, and governance.
  • Recommend how a specific process might be developed or improved to control risk.

Who participates?

Members of our group collaborate with your team's process owners. 
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What’s the outcome?

At the end of each advisory engagement, we produce a summary that outlines our recommendations. Unlike an audit report, the summary is shared only with the manager who requested our services; we don’t give an opinion on the adequacy of controls, and it is not disclosed to external auditors. 

Questions about advisory services?

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Carter S. Stubbs, Audit Services Manager, Information Technology & Advisory Services

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Martha Jane Gagnon, Senior Associate Director